The Katy G Podcast

Honest Conversation with Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar

July 28, 2022 Katy Goshtasbi Season 1 Episode 4
The Katy G Podcast
Honest Conversation with Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar
Show Notes

Honest Conversations: Change and Transition To Live Your Best Life

“Introduce yourself to yourself”

Did you know that you are on a daily journey of transformation?  Change and transition happens regardless of what you do!

Do you feel disconnected from yourself?  Maybe depressed, anxious, and impatient?  Wishing that your clients would get real value and be better clients?

Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast episode with famed classically trained ayurvedic physician and medical doctor, Suhas Kshirsagar.  Dr. Suhas has shared the stage often with his friend, Deepak Chopra. 

As a best-selling author of several books and founder of the Ayurvedic Healing Clinic, Dr. Suhas shares:

  • how to remedy being disconnected from your body,
  • how your busy schedule is overriding your physiology and having your relationships and health fall apart.
  • how to make time and transitions work for you
  • what diseases really are and how to take steps to improve your health and avoid diseases
  • how to inspire your clients by reframing for yourself what is a “healer”, thereby creating raving fans. 
  • why transitions are when we get caught up and get diseases if we are not aware.

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