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Katy G Podcast Episode #1: Finding Self-Worth: Developing Your Brand From the Inside Out
February 26, 2019 Katy Goshtasbi

Who has control over your self-worth? Is your self-worth tied to your job and what you do for a living or is your self-worth tied to who you are? 

In this podcast episode, listen to Katy discuss the difference and learn how to get a good start to figure this out for yourself.  The results mean more influence, happiness and clarity, and control over your life.

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:10Hello everyone. This is Katy Goshtasbi. Welcome to the Katy G podcast series where we're always discovering how we're great, how we can be greater and how we could bring our greatness to others in the world around us. This episode is focused on finding self worth, crafting your brand from the inside out and I gotta tell you it's tremendously important when we're developing our brand and how to interact with others and whether that involves employee productivity, selling ourselves, getting promoted, or just being happier in life. It's finding ourselves worth if we don't value ourselves and how are others going to value us. That seems like a big bomb drop on you right at the outset that something I think about all the time when we talked to our clients about it all the time. It used to be that in my world I was a securities lawyer, so my self worth was completely tied to my production results and productivity as a lawyer.

Speaker 1:1:21It was not tied to my worth as a human being. That's a very dangerous ground to tread and they'll tell you why from personal experience if you haven't already experienced it yourself because when your self worth is tied to what you do for a living, then all of that is outside of your control. You're putting all that control in somebody else's or more specifically an entire industry or your entire employer, your boss's hands, and that feels awful. Wouldn't you agree? I remember when that was my self worth, witness. It made me feel terrible that my self worth was tied to what I did during the day. Here's the deal. My friends, our brand and our value is determined by who we are, not what we do, so our self worth than has to be derived by who we are not what we do. That's why the brand comes from the inside out.

Speaker 1:2:29When I work with clients, the first three months of all our work is about introspection and who people are, who we are as human beings. Is it comfortable? Heck no! When I transitioned from being a lawyer to what I do now, I never wanted to figure that out. It was very, very difficult that it was probably one of the most important things I did to build a solid foundation for understanding why I do what I do for other people. If I don't know who I am and what my self is tied to, I eat what my purpose is and what my values are and what my strengths are. Then how can I ever take that message out as a strong and clear and concise brand to others. That's the way we influence the world by telling them our self worth in terms of how we can help them.

Speaker 1:3:20So what does this mean for you? Stop and consider. How do you measure your self worth? Is it tied in other people's perception in what you do for a living and what others say about you? And I'm not asking you to discount what others say about you, but really stop and think is that the measure of yourself worth. And if you realize that it's not and get uncomfortable with it, great. That means you're growing and you're changing. Sit in that discomfort. And the next question to consider for yourself is who are you? What is your self worth tied to? How are you going to find it? The best part of this process is the tool that I'm going to give you next, which is journaling. You've heard it before. You've probably done it before, but just close your mind and let your gut takeover and from a free flow start writing who you think you are.

Speaker 1:4:16I call that the personal connection story, which we do with client. You can do that yourself. Start crafting your self worth by letting your inner guidance and your gut, whatever you want to call it, your higher self. Start telling you who you are, why you're here, and from there then that lays the foundation for beautiful part, creating that brand that influences others to get you seen. They get you heard. The builds up your self confidence from the inside out in a way that's on shakable so attractive to people and that moves mountains. It gets you wealthy, gets your productivity, whatever you want. The world is yours. If you need more help, please jump onto our website. check out all our blog posts. Check out our guide, download them, and I'm always here to listen, and I'm always here to lend a hand, whether that means to a program, doing email or through a call. Until next time, Katy G. Out.

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